After retrieving the Seal of Iberion from the sorcerer Molock, the group returns the powerful artifact to Hulux. But their triumph is short lived as their quest is far from over.

Silvermain and Raulph are still in the plague-infested Garrison Hadge, trapped by the ongoing siege of the city by Kalizarian forces. Their only hope to stop the plague and give the people of Garrison Hadge the strength to fight off their invaders is to retrieve the Tears of Talis, enchanted water with the power to heal.

Ravenwood and the group head to Azbeth, an underground city at the edge of a labyrinth, but getting to the fountain at the center will not be as easy. Not only is the maze infested with monsters, the denizens of Asbeth don’t take too kindly to adventurers poking around at the dark magic that lies there.

Created and Written by JD Calderon
Illustrated by Daphne Lage