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E.F. Ravenwood is a Kreston Knight and the leader of a group of adventurers under the employ of the wizard Hulux. Traveling the realm on their various missions Ravenwood dives head first into any battle he comes across with the phrase of his knigthood, “Death to all those who oppose the cause!” He is very stubborn and quick to anger and his feirce loyalty to his friends is only matched by his loyalty to the quest at hand. Despite his first two names, he insists everyone just calls him Ravenwood.



Cromwell Ravenwood is E.F. Ravenwood’s favorite cousin, a Kreston Knight and a highly decorated general of the Royal Lifdell Army. Much more serious and diciplined than his adventurer cousin, Cromwell takes his duties very seriously and with quiet dignity. Not one to make rash decisions, Cromwell always thinks what is the best course of action for himself and his men although when his cousin is around, his patience is more than tried and he finds himself picking up a few bad habits.



Pandora is a woman of great fighting skill and has been part of the group since she was a young girl. She is the only one who can be concidered Ravenwood’s equal and is also known to take the role of his concious as well. Pandora and Ravenwood are very close although the adventuring life they lead keeps them at arms length most of the time.



The oldest of the group, Gabriel earned his place by returning the fabled sword “Cerwin Foe Slayer” to Ravenwood after it was thought lost. Although he has been with the group for a couple of years, no one really knows much about his past. Gabriel is a talented bard and a source of unusual wisdom and knowledge. He is concidered a father figure to the rest of the younger group although his fighting skills are more than just impressive. He avoids bladed weapons instead preferring to use a strange metal-plated lute.



The youngest of the group, Silvermain and Ravenwood were childhood friends long before they started adventuring together. Raised a thief in the streets of Catvel, Silvermain never let anyone treat that as a negative. A free spirit who loves to torment Raulph, Silvermain would rather have fun than bother himself with other people’s business. But when duty calls, Silvermain knows to cast aside that side of him and get the job done.



An orphan raised by Hulux, Klea is a priestess of the goddess Talis and the group’s sorceress. Although trained with Raulph, she is not as powerful as he is, as her skills are more focused on healing and non-leathal spells.



Caustic doesn’t even begin to describe this second sorcerer trained by Hulux. Raulph is the group’s other sorcerer but instead of healing and light, Raulph’s specialty is destructive forces of nature – which is how everyone describes his personality. Raulph lives to torment everyone around him, and woe to anyone who shows they are actually bothered by his behavior!



Heir to the Kingdom of Lifdell, Christian is a prince who is not looking forward to his royal duties. Feeling neglected by his father and robbed of a regular childhood, all Christian wants is to be “normal”, but being a prince will never allow him that luxury. Christian ends up the center of the search for the Seal of Iberion as a foiled kidnapping attempt makes him the Ravenwood group’s only witness to who may have taken the Seal.



The vicious ruler of Garrison Hadge, the Earl Hadge rules his city with all the resentment and anger of someone who feels they should be the heir apparant of Lifdell instead of the young Prince Christian. Although Garrision Hadge is a bustling and wealthy port city, part of that wealth comes from the many illegal trades that the Earl allows in defiance of the King’s Law.



Brenda is the young personal guard and nanny of Prince Christian. It was her being sent off on a mission for the King that many attribute to Christian’s kidnapping. She is a fiery-tempered, ambitious young woman whose beauty is always overshadowed by her ugly attitude. She is feircely loyal to the crown and even more loyal to Prince Christian, whom she has pledged her life to defend.



A Baron of Kalizar who is overseeing the capture of the Seal of Iberion for Molock.



Casife’s second-in-command who eventually separates to lead the seige of Garrision Hadge



The powerful Kalizarian sorcerer who masterminded the capture of the Seal of Iberion from Hulux’s keep. He desires the power of the Seal to bring a new era of Kalizarian rule across the realm.



The mysterious apprentice to the sorcerer Molock, Ellision is a secretive and unusual albino Kalizarian who ends up in Garrision Hadge much to the chagrin of Tyrien. He alledges he is there on a mission from his master to oversee several plans, but Tyrien suspects otherwise.


Hulux the Great

Mentor and benefactor to E.F. Ravenwood and the rest of the group. Holder of magical artifacts and the guy who started this whole mess. 🙂

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