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tall-tails-new-banner-WEBWelcome to the realm of TALL TAILS – an online fantasy comic featuring the culmination of almost 10 + years of work.

TALL TAILS is a fantasy adventure comic illustrated by Daphne Lage and written by JD Calderon. It features funny-animal characters instead of humans but don’t let that fool you – this is not typical Disney type fare.

It’s the story of a group of friends who are sent out to win back a powerful ancient artifact stolen from their benefactor. Along the way they encounter all sorts of people and creatures, some good and not so good – A reluctant prince, a dangerously ambitious earl, a manipulative teacher, a bard with secrets, a knight with a tarnished past, a restless courtesan – In the end they get entangled in a bitter war between the Rats and the Trolls and soon learn what their own characters are made of.

If you think you’ve heard of TALL TAILS before, it’s because you have. TALL TAILS was originally self published by Golden Realm Unlimited for 3 issues before being republished by Vision Comics for 4 issues. TALL TAILS was then featured as a monthly serial in FURRLOUGH, published by Radio Comix (Issues #78 – 109).

The TALL TAILS: THIEVES’ QUEST story arc is 20 issues (or 4 volumes now available in the Store) But don’t worry, there are 2 more story arcs waiting in the wings, the still tentatively titled THE TEARS OF TALIS and THE SEVEN YEAR WAR.

Although TALL TAILS is not created specifically for children, we want our comic to be as accessible as possible to all readers. If we had to put a rating we would list TALL TAILS as a PG to PG-13 due to violence and mature themes. We highly encourage parents to look over the book and decide whether it is appropriate for their children.

If you’re a fan of fantasy, adventure, comics, funny-animals, role-playing and just out and out great storytelling in general, I guarantee there will be something about TALL TAILS that will appeal to you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or comments you may have. I’ll be at the drawing table if you need me. =^_^=

–Daphne Lage

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